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Are “LatinAsians” A New Political Voting Bloc?

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy  This past Sunday afternoon, MSNBC’s Richard Liu spoke with  Christine Chen from Asian American and Pacific Islander American Vote (AAPIA) Vote, Karthick Ramakrishnan from the University of California-Riverside … Continue reading

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A View From Within: Obama In Southeast Asia And Xi Jinping’s China

Obama’s re-election is already old news and the calls of secession are becoming yesterday’s cocktail stories, but the big issue is that his first order of duty is his international tour to Southeast Asia to meet with ASEAN leaders on … Continue reading

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Psy Performs With MC Hammer At The 2012 American Music Awards

The 2012 American Music Awards took place on Sunday and to cap the evening off, PSY of “Gangnam Style” fame, performed  with MC Hammer – and a little mix of “Hammer Time!” Clearly, “Gangnam Style” is the song and music … Continue reading

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Ang Lee & The Cast Of ‘The Life Of Pi’ On Charlie Rose

Ang Lee’s film, The Life of Pi, is being released next week in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. The director, Suraj Sharma (who plays the boy Pi Patel) and Irrfan Khan (who plays the older adult Pi Patel) appeared on … Continue reading

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Nielsen Reports On The State Of The Asian American Consumer

Nielsen recently released a report on Asian American consumers, called State of the Asian American Consumer Report: Growing Market, Growing Impact. It focuses on Asian American buying habits (e.g. Asian American make more shopping trips and are less likely to … Continue reading

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The Wonderful World Of Penis Injections In Bangkok

Last week in the Bangkok Post, an article revealed a painful scenario which has 30-40 patients each month checking into hospitals in Bangkok: penis injections, with the intent of improving their anatomy. What’s interesting though, is that they are injecting … Continue reading

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Sorry, Channing, Kim Jong-Un Is 2012’s Sexiest Man Alive (According To The Onion)

Dear Channing Tatum: Congratulations on your selection as People’s 2012 Sexiest Man Alive! You join the ranks of such sexy gentlemen as, um, Nick Nolte, who was 51 when he won in 1985 (WHAT) and Patrick Swayze, who is no … Continue reading

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A Trip To Shanghai’s Marriage Market

It’s not uncommon for single men and women to venture online to find love, but in Shanghai, some aging parents have been taking the initiative for their adult children with the “Marriage Market” in the People’s Square. Every weekend, these … Continue reading

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Asian American Medical Hazard: Cleft Lip And Cleft Palate

Asian Americans have a higher probability of being born with Cleft Lip and/or Cleft Palate than other ethnic groups.  According to this article from the Department of Health and Human Services, Asians American have an occurrence of Cleft Lip or … Continue reading

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Sixth Soldier in Danny Chen Abuse Case Gets Demoted

Sergent Jeffrey T. Hurst had his rank reduced and was sentenced to hard labor for a dereliction of duty charge associated with Private Danny Chen’s suicide.  He was found not guilty of charges of hazing and maltreatment, and his hard … Continue reading

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My Asian Thanksgiving Dinner

Last year was a very special year for my family. My wife and I welcomed a beautiful, happy, and healthy baby into our lives. Spending our first holidays with the baby is something that I will never forget – mostly … Continue reading

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Cung Le KOs Franklin in First Round

Completely ignoring my concerns that he had so much on his plate that it might affect his performance, Cung Le knocked out Rich Franklin in the first round of their match. Le called it a “lucky punch.” I was surprised … Continue reading

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