The Wonderful World Of Penis Injections In Bangkok

Last week in the Bangkok Post, an article revealed a painful scenario which has 30-40 patients each month checking into hospitals in Bangkok: penis injections, with the intent of improving their anatomy. What’s interesting though, is that they are injecting themselves with olive oil to make their penises bigger.

The problem with these injections–a result of the equally silly self-diagnosing and self-prescribing approach to health is that it causes cancer.

“…Injecting olive oil into a penis cannot enlarge its size. The olive oil, which cannot be absorbed into the body, causes irritation and the body reacts by building connective tissue which can turn malignant,” says surgeon general of Police General Hospital, Jongjate Aojanepong.

If you come across any more myths for penis enlargement, know at least this one has been dispelled at the cost of surgical removal and cancer. Moral of the story: do not get penis injections unless you have a genuine erectile dysfunction and your doctor has prescribed this for you. You’ll still have a penis, which is a lot better than having a black lump of decay remaining to remind you that olive oil is for your skin and dressing for your salads.

Of course, there are worse things you can inject into your penis: saline, which is a trend that has been spotted in Japan as well. Feel free to do a Google search on saline injections and penis enlargement if you’re feeling particularly masochistic.

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