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Teresa is a queer Chinese/Taiwanese daughter, sister, friend and lover. She has spent half of her life in Taiwan and the other half in Canada. She currently resides in Toronto, where she spends her time making zines, writing stories and working at a feminist bookstore.

Daul Kim: One Sassy ‘n Smart Bitch

Familiar with Korean supermodel Daul Kim? If not, you probably should because she can provide hours of procrastinating entertainment. Aside from being a supermodel, Kim keeps a fascinating and entertaining blog, I Like To Fork Myself, which she updates on a … Continue reading

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Proof that Russell of Disney/Pixar’s Up is Asian: The Color Scripts

OMG! I can finally sleep now that I am certain Russell, the cute kid in Disney/Pixar’s Up, is in fact Asian. I mean, just look at the colour scripts for the film — Pixar was sensitive enough to have foreseen … Continue reading

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No “Welcome” Mat At My Front Door

Oh my god, if I hear or see the word “banana” used as a descriptor for Asians who have assimilated into “North American” culture, I am going to cry (like, actually.) And I don’t care if Asians are using the … Continue reading

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Boxer Kazumi Izaki Debunks East Asian Female Stereotypes

It’s a fierce, ass-kicking East Asian woman on the rise! In the boxing ring, no less! Kazumi Izaki is a 46 year-old Japanese mother who is in the run to becoming the oldest boxer to win a world title. Izaki … Continue reading

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Giving Jackie Chan’s “Control” Comment A Second Chance

So, by this point, most people have heard about Jackie Chan’s comment on the “Chinese need[ing] to be controlled.” I watched the actual clip of Jackie Chan speaking at the Boao Forum (the part English media outlets have been reporting … Continue reading

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