Proof that Russell of Disney/Pixar’s Up is Asian: The Color Scripts


OMG! I can finally sleep now that I am certain Russell, the cute kid in Disney/Pixar’s Up, is in fact Asian. I mean, just look at the colour scripts for the film — Pixar was sensitive enough to have foreseen debates  around Russell’s background and provided us confused and lost Asians with these handy colour scripts. Because we all know that those 45 degree, upward lines in place of eyes are codes for “Asian.”

All those online debates about Russell’s ethnic background can end now. After these scripts, there cannot be any more debate. The verdict is clear: Russell is one of us.

(thanks to Jun’s post on 8asian’s tumblr)

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Teresa is a queer Chinese/Taiwanese daughter, sister, friend and lover. She has spent half of her life in Taiwan and the other half in Canada. She currently resides in Toronto, where she spends her time making zines, writing stories and working at a feminist bookstore.
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