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I’m a fourth-generation Japanese American hapa, born in Philadelphia, raised in Hawaii, and now a college student back on the mainland. I'm the editor for GASP!, but I enjoy writing pieces for 8Asians when I can. I like geeking out, reading, and doing origami.

GOTM!: March Madness

Another month is here, so it’s time for Goodies of the Month! (GOTM!). Now that it’s March, many will be watching the NCAA closely during March Madness. We’re not the biggest sports fans (March Madness is hockey, right?), so here’s … Continue reading

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Panda Wall Graphics

Have your walls been looking a little bare recently? Well, add a little panda bear cuteness there with these Panda Wall Graphics ($38) from Wee Gallery. Made of polypropylene, these graphics are much safer than ones made of PVC. So … Continue reading

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Mizuki Oval Rhodium Hana Mizuki Pendant

Whether you’re single or in a happy relationship, it’s Valentine’s Day. Instead of going for a typical heart necklace, try this Hana Mizuki Pendant ($150) is a unique gift for yourself or someone else. Made of rhodium over sterling silver, … Continue reading

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Mohzy Loop USB & iPhone/iPod Cable

Admit it: the typical white iPod cable is boring, and it’s so easy to misplace. (Looking into our drawers for long enough would likely uncover at least five of them). The Mohzy Loop USB to Micro-USB Cable, however, turns something … Continue reading

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Color Ink Book, Volume Fourteen

Admit it: you still wish you could pull out a coloring book, and make everyone have green tongues and purple hair again. With the fourteenth volume of the Color Ink Book ($10), you have a grown-up chance to do it … Continue reading

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GOTM!: Valentine’s Day Swag Under $40

Another month is here, so it’s time for Goodies of the Month! (GOTM!). For many, Valentine’s Day is a day of dread: a holiday that encompasses chocolate, roses, and expensive gifts, therefore draining wallets. Have no fear, GASP! is here … Continue reading

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The Bunni With The Pet Dragon

Now that it’s 2012, we still haven’t gotten used to writing the new year (and it will stay that way until at least March). If you haven’t quite gotten the hang of it being the Year of the Dragon either, … Continue reading

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University of Pennsylvania Asian American Studies Research Forum: Call for Submissions

Have you done your own original research in any field relating to Asian American Studies? Would you like the chance to win $300 for it? Are you able to travel to Philadelphia? If so, then consider submitting your work to … Continue reading

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Asymmetric Fusion Necklace

Once Christmas was over, stores presented us with a visual overload–a pink and red reminder that Valentine’s Day is coming up. Instead of the played out flowers and chocolate, we suggest this Asymmetric Fusion Necklace ($76) by our friends over … Continue reading

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Photoshop Fridge Magnets

In this era of overwhelmingly awesome technology, it’s no surprise that some people want to have a little bit of technology everywhere they go. Enter these Photoshop Fridge Magnets ($25 for a set of 11). On your fridge, they add … Continue reading

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“When I was a kid” Short Story Collection

Now that the holidays are over, we can be sure that our parents will put away the embarrassing stories for another year (we were only three and it wasn’t that bad…) But that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the … Continue reading

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Fit by Kyzido Sunglasses

Here at GASP!, we often get the chance to try out great products by designers and shops. Recently, we were given the opportunity to try out several pairs of sunglasses from Fit by Kyzido. The company creates Asian fit sunglasses … Continue reading

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