LollaCup Sippy Cup

A good sippy cup, perhaps like the perfect shade of foundation, is hard to find. Some cups have straws which are impossible for toddlers to drink out of, and normal sippy cups could be linked to delayed speech development. Luckily, Hanna Lim designed the LollaCup ($18):

a stylish and functional sippy cup alternative, made for the discerning parent and child. Lollacup’s innovative design helps infants and toddlers successfully use a straw. It has a flexible straw with a weighted end, so children can sip even when the cup is tilted. Because the straw is valve-free and weighted, children as young as 9-months-old can drink effortlessly, even when reclined. Lollacup was designed to be easy for children to use and easy for adults to clean.

The cup is BPA-free and comes in five colors.

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