GOTM!: Spring Has Sprung

It’s a new month, and that means it’s time for Goodies Of The Month! (GOTM!). Now, it’s finally April and the season of Spring has sprung upon us. Not everyone celebrates Easter, but here are some seasonable goodies that we found.

1. Shinzi Katoh Congratulations Card: What flower better describes the season than a tulip (assuming, of course, you live in the certain geographic regions that actually have both wildly different seasons and tulips)? Spread a little cheer with this congratulations card ($3) designed by Shinzi Katoh.

2. Matcha Green Tea Chocolate Rabbit: Although we love solid milk chocolate bunnies (hint hint), sometimes you need to mix it up. Luckily there’s this unique bunny made by a bakery in Nevada ($5.95). Made of white chocolate with matcha powder, this bunny looks different but is sure to be just as yummy as you expect this holiday.

3. Cupcake necklace: This one might be stretching it a bit, but the icing on a lot of cupcakes is pastel, and pastel is associated with Spring. Therefore, we present this cupcake necklace ($58). Sport this calorie-free cupcake with pride.

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