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8asians News: 8,000 Chinese Students Expelled from US Schools

As reported in Wall Street Journal, U.S. institutions of higher education expelled an estimated 8,000 students last year for cheating and poor grades.

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College Administrator Resigns Over Too Many Chinese Students

I usually regard alarmist stories about Chinese college students in the U.S.with suspicion, but this particular story about a University of San Francisco (USF) administrator resigning over aggressive recruitment of Chinese students seems to have some substance. Dayle Smith, dean … Continue reading

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Is Foreign Tuition Money Squeezing Out Asian American College Students?

One of the predictions from the admissions officer who spoke at The Daughter’s High School was that as public universities get their funding cut, they will seek to increase revenue by recruiting more out of state students who can pay … Continue reading

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China sending more Students to the US: Liberal Arts becoming an increasing focus

Dad, I need to bring a check to the SAT prep class orientation! The Daughter needed to secure a spot at an SAT prep course that she had found.  The point of the prep course is to find the one … Continue reading

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