Chinese Automobile Rip-Offs

SMA Shanghai Maple and Audi S4 Cabrio Dude, I totally know how you can save money on a new Audi S4 — buy a SMA Shanghai Maple from China instead!

Recent reports of certain automakers in China outright copying the look of Western cars have been met by a flurry of lawsuits. Chinese automakers like Shuanghuan Auto are accused of copying cars like the BMW X5, while Hongqi’s limousine bears a striking resemblance to the Lincoln Town Car. In some comparison pictures, you can’t even tell the original from the copy, as in the case of the SMA Shanghai Maple and the Audi S4 Cabrio.

Yup. Businesses in China have taken pirating to a whole new level. We ain’t talking Microsoft Vista CDs or Iron Man VCDs here. We’re talking automobiles!

As you might suspect, legal threats and lawsuits are rampant between US and European automakers and their Chinese counterparts. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but these rip-offs are pretty damn blatant. Just check out these photos! Hilarious!

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