Taiwan Plans Missiles Able to Hit China

As most of you already know, if not from my profile, I am a Taiwanese-American, and hope that Taiwan gets the international recognition that it deserves. In the New York Times article, “Taiwan Plans Missiles Able to Hit China,” the newspaper reports:

“Faced with a threatening military buildup by China, an increasingly outgunned Taiwan is quietly pushing ahead with plans to develop missiles that could strike the mainland, defense and security experts say. Taiwan successfully tested its first cruise missile with that kind of range this year, onehttp://www.aerospaceweb.org/question/history/inf/tomahawk.jpg that could send a nearly 900-pound warhead more than 600 miles, to targets as distant as Shanghai, military analysts said. Some Taiwanese military specialists have argued for decades that Taiwan should develop offensive weapons, including missiles, as a deterrent to the mainland, which has threatened to attack the self-governing island if it moves toward formal independence. The Pentagon estimates that China has deployed 900 missiles across from Taiwan. Senior military officials and lawmakers in the governing Democratic Progressive Party of President Chen Shui-bian have confirmed that the cruise missiles were under development. They said these missiles were essential to Taiwan’s defense because of China’s soaring spending on weapons.”

Not that I want war or anything, but Taiwan needs a military deterrent to assure that China will not invade Taiwan, something that China has repeatedly stated every single time the issue of Taiwan “independence” is brought up. Plus, it’s only fair that Taiwan has missiles aimed at China if China has 900 aimed at Taiwan! China will hopefully think twice before attacking Taiwan!

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