Having An Asian Moment: The FP Trailer

The FP is a revelation in film — and it’s too bad that I had to wait until now to see it.

Before I get into why I had an Asian moment with this film, let us explore the wonder of The FP. The movie’s title refers to Frazier Park, a suburb in Southern California — this is where this glorious tale takes place.

Here is the official synopsis:

In a dystopian future, a relentless turf war rages. Two rival gangs feud for control of rural wasteland Frazier Park (‘The FP’) in the deadly arena of competitive dance-fight video game “Beat-Beat Revelation.” After hometown hero BTRO is slain on the dance platform by thug leader L Dubba E, his protégé younger brother JTRO (Jason Trost) goes into isolation, vowing never to duel again. One year later, The FP is in ruins, and JTRO must find the courage to return and restore order in a ruthless battle for revenge that can only leave one man dancing. From the producers of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and featuring narration by James Remar (THE WARRIORS), THE FP is a fury of fierce footwork, triumphant montages and neon street wear that Moviefone calls “a rare ready-made cult hit.”

Dystopian future? Rival gangs? An off-brand dance-fight video game? A guy named BTRO?


The movie garnered fanboy-grade praise last year at SXSW and has been making its festival rounds. A couple of weeks ago it landed at SF Indiefest and I had the opportunity to watch it. Actually — saying you “watched” the movie is an understatement. The FP is an experience. With sets that look like the disarrayed home section of Ross Dress for Less, the movie epitome of futuristic suburban trash. The characters dress as if they swam in the sewers of early ’90s fashion and the “gangsta” slang they spit is as cringe-worthy as it is awesomely offensive.

In addition having a faux Dance Dance Revolution game called Beat Beat Revelation, I had an Asian moment with the film via one of the characters by the name of KCDC, the token Asian (and minority) in the film. Played by the actor Art Hsu, KCDC was the trusty sidekick of the movie. He was the moral compass. He was the inspirational coach. He made the hero, JTRO (Jason Trost) do what he was born to do: defeat the evil L Dubba E (Lee Valmassy — a white boy who speaks fluent Mandarin) at BBR.

The movie also shows boobs, so there’s also that.

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