Hey Sandy! A Very Special Holiday Effort for Hurricane Sandy Victims


Hey Sandy, you’re looking happily deranged (have you picked your target yet?) Watch out, because we’ve got an ensemble of artists, including Jason Chen, Clara C, David Choi, Inch Chua, Abraham Lim, Heart Hays, Haviland Stillwell, and Deborah S. Craig, all led by George Shaw and the Irvine Young Concert Artists, who have joined together to record a Christmas album to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy. Select members of IYCA will also do a benefit concert in New York for victims of Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut while donating CDs to families of the victims.

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have had either Sandy, because George and the gang would have used their superpowers to make a difference. How would that scenario have turned out? In the words of several of the artists:

George Shaw: “My power would be to time travel, so I could go back and warn people exactly where the destruction would happen so people can prepare and evacuate, and perhaps I would also take time to enjoy the sites prior to the hurricane’s destruction. My team name, Back to the Future, cause I would always want to return to the future.”


Haviland Stillwell, however, says “I would be the boss lady of team lightworkers, and we would shine a beam of light from our 3rd eye onto all people who are suffering, infusing them with love and desire to be their best self and in turn, to have the power to beam light to others. Go team rah rah rah!”

Clara Chung would “[T]eleport and take along whoever touches me. That way, I could group some 500 people holding food and supplies to teleport right into the heart of the East Coast. My team name would be ‘The Sandy Shoo’ers.'”

As for the others: David Choi was unfortunately trapped by a horde of Twilight teenybopper girls demanding that he play from dusk ’til dawn, saved only by Haviland’s power of light frying the bloodsuckers; Abraham Lim almost got crushed by two dudes in a time-traveling telephone booth looking for the voluptuous Baberham Lincoln, but was saved by Clara who teleported him to safety; while Jason Chen, Inch Chua, Deborah S. Craig, and Heart Hays had to be saved by George in his Delorean after they were dipped in chocolate and thrown to a horde of deranged, mutant, killer monster snow goons, before they were erased from reality–but unfortunately, the only way to get everyone back was to take away their superpowers and make them musicians.

So even if we don’t have superpowers, we’ve got an all-star of group of musicians with big hearts for the holidays. While you’re waiting, check out their behind the scenes video:

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