Donnie Yen’s “Dragon (Wu Xia)”

I remember the good old days when America would get the first releases of major movies and the rest of the world would have to wait, sometimes a few months or up to a year, for the same movies to release in their countries. Now, releases happen almost simultaneously, and sometimes other countries get to watch the movie before we do. I’m fine with that, more power to U.S. media export, but it’s really frustrating when I can’t watch a good kung fu movie when the rest of the world has enjoyed it for over a year now.

Case in point Donnie Yen’s Dragon, originally named Wu Xia. Not only did it arrive in the States over a year after the original release in Asia, it lasted like a weekend in the theater, and I can’t even find where it was playing. Anyways, my martial arts geek frustration aside, this kung fu film looks pretty cool, with what looks like good action-based cinematography. The story is a classic plot of an ordinary guy (Yen) who turns out to be expert martial artist. Mystery-unraveling ensues. Can’t wait to watch it. Literally.

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