David Henry Hwang was in a punk band in college; his punk name was “Maggot Wong”


8A-2015-01-23-DHH-JohnVomitIt figures that playwright David Henry Hwang would be so multitalented. He was reminiscing to a friend about a college punk rock band he played in, and she found the single online. In his words, “The internet is amazing and frightening.”

According to Ryan Richardson of BreakMyFace:

John Vomit & The Leatherscabs was yet another “joke band” who — perhaps by pure accident — created some classic punk tunes. The “band” was formed at Stanford University and led by a regular of the Stanford humor magazine, Chaparral. The man who would come to be called Mr. Vomit felt “punk rock” offered fertile ground for lampooning and an easy outlet for wise cracks. With no more than one practice under their belt, John Vomit & The Leatherscabs’ first and possibly last gig was an opening act for a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on campus. The band lovingly supplied the crowd with tomatoes and bananas before the show and so the audience pelted the unpracticed members as they cranked through the first number.

DHH himself confirms that his punk name in that band was indeed “Maggot Wong” and that in true punk spirit,” he doesn’t even own a copy of the record.

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