Fist of rock up with Maximum the Hormone

I must say, this band was totally off my radar until Death Note. After hearing them do the opening and closing songs for the second season, it basically deemed it worthy enough to at least find on Youtube.

I found that this band has been around since 1998, and they seem to have a pretty loyal following. Some of the music itself definitely spins off as something like Linkin Park but the versatility of this band is something not to be trifled with. Amazingly enough, not only can they sing in your typical jrock style, but they have a lot of punk influence and even heavy and death metal.

I love the fact that Nawo is a chick drummer that rocks it out and how her brother Ryo can do amazing vocals, play guitar like no one else, and he’s the only Japanese guy I’ve ever seen with some amazing dreads and can sing cross eyed and looking absolutely nuts.

Currently, I’m awaiting for the import to show so I headbang to some new music from this brilliant band, Maximum the Hormone, with the windows down. Rock on.

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