My Asian American Thanksgiving

Relyenong manok

While we have written about Asian American perspectives on Thanksgiving, Korean American Thanksgivings, and Asian fusion Thanksgiving recipes, I thought I’d share my Thanksgiving.   As per my family’s tradition, we went to my sister-in-law’s house for Thanksgiving, a trip of about 2 minutes.  While we had traditional American food like turkey and stuffing, we mix it with lots of Filipino food.

This is rellenong manok, a chicken stuffed with a meatloaf-like filling.  Like I say here, I really love all things rellenong, especially with banana ketchup.  It’s already had chunks taken out of it because we were late to the party.  I can’t help being late – it’s in my genes I think!   Already there at the party were my parents, The Wife’s parents, lots of in-laws, and assorted boyfriends.  My niece’s boyfriend’s parents were even there, and I am told that they were anxious to try Filipino food (they are white).  We definitely were ready for them.

More of my Thanksgiving after the jump.


We had no fear of swine flu today, as we had lechon de leche.  This guy didn’t last very long.

Lots of choices for dessert.


Next to apple pie is an assortment of desserts, including sapin-sapin, puto, and cuchinta.  There were a number of diabetics there, and they could only look but not touch.  Fortunately for me, I was not one of them.


I have to include The Wife’s leche flan.  I bet that even Efren would like it!  Ten eggs went into this creation.  Yow.

After eating, my kids and many of the adults played a Filipino card game called pekwa.  My brother-in-law says it is the favorite game of prostitutes in the Manila area.  I didn’t ask how he learned that.  As for me, I pretty much passed out after all that food and woke up hours later.

Tomorrow, it’s off to the gym!

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