Celebrity Chef Ming Tsai Take on Thanksgiving

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Last week, Nightline did a profile on Chef Ming Tsai and his take on two Thanksgiving dishes, with an Asian influence. They looked yummy – “8 Treasure Sticky Rice Stuffing” and “Ming’s Turkey Noodle Soup.” Let me know if any of you tried out his recipes and how it turned out.

Ming Tsai was pretty funny in parts of the interview:

I had a couple rules growing up: Be anything you want, as long as it’s a doctor, lawyer, engineer. Get any grades you want, as long as they’re straight A’s. And marry anyone you want, if they’re Asian that’d be even better. I’m 0 for 3, not even close.”

Kind of your stereotypical Asian American parents pressuring their kids, but I got the basically the same rules. He also mentioned that while growing up in Dayton, Ohio for 18 years – “Chinatown was when had the other 3 Chinese families over for dinner. Our house was Chinatown.” which cracked me up, since that was basically how I felt while growing up in Western Massachusetts as well.

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