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Mulan Is Finally Chinese Again

Disney made the Chinese fable of Mulan almost universally known with its animated film of the same title, released in 1998. At the time of its debut, there were plenty of critics who complained about Disney’s flawed images of Chinese … Continue reading

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The Axe in the Attic: Connecting Hurricane Katrina and Typhoon Ketsana

Last night I watched the 2007 documentary “The Axe in the Attic,” which followed the film’s makers, Ed Pincus and Lucia Small, to New Orleans six months after Hurricane Katrina. The pair embarked on a road trip following the trails … Continue reading

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Gil Asakawa’s Overview of the BANANA Blogger Roundtable

Gil Asakawa of Nikkei View as well as has a great report about BANANA, the Asian American blogger round-up at USC this weekend, and there’s not really much I can disagree with him with. Was this first-ever roundtable of … Continue reading

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The Daily Show & The Colbert Report Mock “Bow-Gate”

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Submission Accomplished Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Health Care Crisis As Mitsuru had blogged earlier this week, Obama critics (aka Right-wing nuts) have complained about President … Continue reading

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Hawaiians worried about Holiday Tuna Supply

A tradition in Hawaii is to eat tuna at New Year’s for luck. A tradition brought over by immigrant Japanese fisherman, bigeye tuna was substituted for the traditional tai, or sea bream, which doesn’t occur locally. This year, Hawaiians are … Continue reading

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Taking Care of Your Elderly Parents

If you’re more Chinese (or Asian) than you are American, you know exactly what I mean when I say it’s expected the kids will take care of their parents when they are older. Confucius called it filial obligation, even the … Continue reading

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Nominate your top AAPI Progressives 2009

Our friends at Asian Pacific Americans for Progress (APAP) are rolling out with a Top 10 list of the “top Asian Pacific American progressives” of 2009… but they need your help to find them! Nominate community leaders, workers, students, college … Continue reading

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From the Tumblr: A Filipino Ad Campaign for Nissan Noodles

The 8Asians tumblr highlights Asians [& uber talented non-Asians] who draw, dance, build, film, sing, write, invent, paint, teleport, and of course, tumble. It’s curated by Jun, Moye and Ernie.

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My First Protest: Asian Americans and Activism

Bao Phi wrote a recent blog post in the Star Tribune, which was a compilation of several local and national Asian American activists writing about their first protest. His definition of “protest” is broadly defined as “an action to stand … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Dad & Son in Comcast Ad

Like I’ve said, there seems to have been a slew of commercials (Target, CVS) recently with Asian Americans being portrayed as normal Americans, rather than for fodder. Now, Comcast has an ad touting its HD quality compared with AT&T’s U-verse … Continue reading

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Activisit Feng Zhenghu Caught Between China & Japan

I’ll just say it first. It’s like the Chinese version of Steven Spielberg’s The Terminal where one passenger is caught between two countries, unable to enter one country and unable to return back where he came from. Except this time, … Continue reading

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Yahoo! Games Writer Freaks Out Over Nintendo DS Dating Simulations

A writer at Yahoo! Games recently talked about an anime style Nintendo DS game, Love Plus, a “dating simulation” where you can court several girls virtually, and suggests that “dating” video game characters go too far in the world of … Continue reading

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