Chef’n Garlic Zoom Chopper

As a kitchen warrior, we fear little in the culinary corner or the home and as a human being  we are no stranger to cute knick-knacks. Now we have the Garlic Zoom by Chef’n ($14.95), our new favorite kitchen toy that is the homogenous mix of cutesy and practicality. Simply place a clove or two of garlic into the snap open compartment and give it a few rolls back and forth. The rubber wheels rotate the steel blades for perfectly minced garlic without having your hands stink for days. The blade pops out for easy cleaning. This cute little guy is a major space saver (about the size of a mini cheese wheel) and the price isn’t all that big either.

For all of you who don’t care about social interaction, the Garlic Zoom is also available in “XL” that chops up to six cloves at once. It comes in four colors: red, blue, white and lime green. You know we got lime green, cus’ that’s just how we do.

Check out this product on our shopping blog, GASP!

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