Apply for The CAPAL 2012 Internship and Scholarship

College undergrad and grad students: if you’re like me and find that this is the time of year where you’re constantly looking for a way to procrastinate or fretting about summer/future plans, think about applying for CAPAL’s (Conference on Asian Pacific American Leadership) 2012 Internship and Scholarship. For these summer internships, CAPAL places you at a federal government agency and gives a $2000 stipend, the goal being to foster leadership potential. Read the descriptions and requirements for more info. There’s also examples of what past interns and scholars have done. The early decision deadline is February 1 (you’ve got four days, no sweat, right?). But if you can’t get an application together before then, fear not, applications are rolling after the first (just don’t wait too long, phone interviews start on March 1).

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