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North Korea Turns Cell Phone Use Into War Crime

As if living in North Korea wasn’t hard enough. Now the regime is instituting a 100 day mourning period, which prohibits the use of mobile phones. And they’re serious about it: “[T]he ruling Workers’ Party has warned that anyone found … Continue reading

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University of Pennsylvania Asian American Studies Research Forum: Call for Submissions

Have you done your own original research in any field relating to Asian American Studies? Would you like the chance to win $300 for it? Are you able to travel to Philadelphia? If so, then consider submitting your work to … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Red Bow Nerdy Wayfarer Glasses

When you are in the mood to dress up or just look cutesy for the day, wearing these Hello Kitty glasses ($21.99) will do the trick. The glasses come in black or white, so depending on your look or personality, you … Continue reading

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National Online March for Reproductive Justice, Rights and Health

Dr. Sophia Yen is a big supporter of trusting woman to make their own health care decisions, and is launching a national online effort for Trust Women Week to drawn attention and support for reproductive justice, rights and health during … Continue reading

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The Side Effects Of The Year of the Dragon

This past Monday, January 23, 2012 marked the arrival of the Chinese/Vietnamese/Asian Pacific Lunar New Year, the Year of the Dragon. The new year brings with it some well-known and some not so well-known side effects. It’s already pretty common … Continue reading

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Footballer Loses Spot at Georgia Over Immigration Issue

Here’s a sad story out of Georgia. By all accounts, Chester Brown, a current high school senior, loves the University of Georgia football program. Really loves. He had the date he verbally committed to the school tatooed on his arm. … Continue reading

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Australian Chinese and the Public Voice

When I was visiting a friend in Melbourne back in 2007, I visited The Chinese Museum – a museum dedicated to the history of Chinese in Australia. What I learned was the first major influx of Chinese  immigrants to Australia … Continue reading

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Kisai Rogue KR2 LED Watch

When we were kids, we’d imagine how the future would be like. Sadly in 2012, flying cars and hoverboots haven’t happened yet, but we have the technology of LEDs. The future is now with this Kisai Rogue KR2 LED Watch … Continue reading

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APALC Proposes Los Angeles Redistricting Plan

Recently, the Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC) submitted a citywide redistricting plan to LA’s City Council Redistricting Commission that would help keep Asian American neighborhoods intact and strengthen Asian American voices as the city looks to redraw its electoral … Continue reading

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TMZ Asks Apolo Anton Ohno, “Who is the Best Asian-American Athlete?”

A TMZ cameraman stalked Apolo Ohno while he was leaving the gym and asked, “Who is the best Asian-American[sic] athlete?” The TMZ staff tries to answer this question, as well. Not surprisingly, the TMZ staff was stumped by the question, … Continue reading

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Microsoft “Year of the Dragon” Wireless Mouse

With the Chinese New Year approaching, many are preparing for the Year of the Dragon. The last time it rolled around in 2000, the internet was in its infancy. With 56k modems, phone lines, and long loading times, you had … Continue reading

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Call for Content from The Korean American Story

For all the writers, poets filmmakers, and creative people out there, the Korean American Story is looking for new content! The goal of this new project is capture the stories  of Korean Americans who immigrated to the United States during the … Continue reading

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