POP 88 – March 27/07 – TS3

Chae Yeon - It’s all about music on this week’s show including brand spanking new 채연 (Chae Yeon), 박정아 (Park Jung Ah), plus a request for 비Rain and another cool Japanese hip hop/ dancehall/dub collabo with Pushim, Homemade Kazoku, Rhymster, Maboroshi and May J.

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( ) romanization [ ] translation

1. Shining Star – 박정아 (Park Jung Ah)
Shining Star – single (2007) – CJ Music

2. I’m Coming feat. Tablo – 비(Bi) [Rain]
Rain’s World (2006) – Seoul Records

3 . 부탁 (Bu Tak) [Entrusting Favor] – 채연(Chae Yeon)
My Love (2007) – Best Music
* use Babel Fish with extreme caution
4. Be Your Man (Remix feat. Neema) – Jinu Park
Be Your Man – single (2007) – www.jinupark.com

5. I Say Yeah – Pushim, Rhymster, Homemade Kazoku, Maboroshi, May J.
I Say Yeah – single (2006) – Ki/oon Records

6. Lady Madonna/ Yuutsu Naru Spider – Love Psychedelico
The Greatest Hits (2001) – Victor

7. Milkyway feat. Ryuichi Sakamoto & Yukalicious – Towa Tei
Flash (2005) – Man Wol Dang

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