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POP 88: Teaser Show 1

… it’s Asian POP culture Remixed … in podcast form; music, news, games and interviews. After weeks of toil and a ton of money, I present to you the first teaser show of POP 88. The official show with all … Continue reading

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Jackie Chan wants YOU!

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is looking to recruit a few more good Asian-American men & women. Apparently, Asian-Americans are under-represented in the Sheriff’s Department, where about 20% of Los Angeles County’s 10 million people are of Asian decent. … Continue reading

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Pacman for President?

When I first heard the news that Manny Pacquiao, the Super Featherweight Champion Boxer, was running for Congress in his homeland of the Philippines, my first instinct was to cringe, and say WTF? The past decade of Philippine politics has … Continue reading

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25th SF Intl Asian American Film Festival, 3/15 – 3/25

Just a reminder that The 25th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival is starting next week, running from 3/15 to 3/25. It’s always usually a great time to see some interesting and different films highlighting Asian/Asian-American themes, directors, films, … Continue reading

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Aaron Yoo brings down the house

Today’s Daily Variety included the following blurb: Aaron Yoo (“The Bedford Diaries”) has landed a lead role in Columbia’s “21,” about MIT students who take Las Vegas casinos for millions. Thesp will next be seen in Par’s “Disturbia,” Warner Bros.’ … Continue reading

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The Filipino Debate: Opportunity versus Nationalism

Like so many other first generation Filipino’s in America, my parents immigrated to the United States in hopes of a better life. They studied hard in school, motivated by their poor economic upbringing to support their family back home, and … Continue reading

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[Asian-Americans] Trying to Crack the Hot 100

Well, I found this New York Times article to be quite interesting, “[Asian-Americans] Trying to Crack the Hot 100” – Where is the Asian-American Justin Timberlake? Asian-Americans cite the “Asian thing” as keeping them from pop-star status.” The article goes … Continue reading

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POP 88 – Exclusive Podcast Interview: Olivia Cheng is Iris Chang

Alberta-born, broadcast journalist, writer and actress Olivia Cheng has been cast to play the lead in ‘The Iris Chang Story: The Woman who Couldn’t Forget‘. And only here can you listen to a very different interview you won’t see or … Continue reading

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The Rape of Nanjing: When will Japan ever learn?

The other day, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan denied that Japan’s military had forced foreign women into sexual slavery (better known euphemistically as “comfort women“) during World War II, contradicting the Japanese government’s previous 1993 statement that acknowledged the … Continue reading

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Asian-American Idol Watch: AJ Talbado eliminated

Tonight wasn’t a good night for AJ Talbado, as he was voted off American Idol tonight. The judges called him one of the better singers of the competition (and he was, honestly) but without a lot of early camera time, … Continue reading

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The Effects of Racism

The Houghton Mifflin dictionary defines “racism” as: The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others. Discrimination or prejudice based on race. Kenneth Eng’s article is almost a … Continue reading

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