Pacman for President?

Pacman for Congress?When I first heard the news that Manny Pacquiao, the Super Featherweight Champion Boxer, was running for Congress in his homeland of the Philippines, my first instinct was to cringe, and say WTF? The past decade of Philippine politics has changed from politicians, to even more well known super star actors and actresses from movies and television. So when I saw the actual link, Manny Pacquiao for Congress, I couldn’t help but feel the embarrassment people have had over the country’s political government.

To some extent I have to agree with the view that politics is acting, but when the majority of people running for seats in Senate and Congress in May have political resumes filled with movie credits rather than policies and a record of political stances, one has to definitely wonder the effects of leadership in helping to shape a better Philippines. The long-term health of the country is at risk when people are hired because of fame rather than the values, beliefs, and track record of political choices. Former President Erap was an example of the ineptitude of this new kind of politician. And current President Arroyo used that to state her case when she ran for office.

Manny: You’re a champion boxer. You’ve made tons and tons of money. More than the people of your homeland will ever make. You don’t need the money of a congressman’s salary. You should focus on your questionable move to De la Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions, boxing and all the rest that you have accomplished. Give back in other ways to your homeland. Prove your worth politically, before you use your fame and popularity.

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