Opinions on Asian and Asian Men Representation in American Movies and TV

When Crazy Rich Asians came out, some people declared that there was a new narrative on the attractiveness of Asian and Asian American men.  But did Henry Golding and this movie make make a difference? Has it affected your life in any particular way, and if so, how? The New York Times is seeking people’s opinion on this subject.

I haven’t dated any one other than The Wife for a few decades now, but I do have an opinion.  I think that there are definitely more opportunities in media to show an Asian Man White Female couple. Crazy Rich Asians showed that an Asian man can be viable Romantic Lead. This lead to other movies like Always be My Maybe and others. Still, I think that entrenched stereotypes persist.  AI image generation tools that build on online and other published material have had trouble creating of Asian Male White Female couples. Our story on an Asian Male White Female relationship in the Walking Dead continues to be a popular story for our site.

The New York Times is looking for for people to submit answers to their questions by June 14.

(h/t: John)

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