Leanne Wong: Student, Entrepreneur, and Possible Olympic Gymnast

1) Pre-med student 2) business owner 3) college gymnast trying to make it into the Olympics – Leanne Wong is all three! I first learned about her story from this ESPN article. She is an elite level gymnast, having achieved the “gym slam,” which is a perfect score in all four major artistic gymnastic events at least once her in career. In addition, she is a pre-med student athlete at the University of Florida who simultaneously runs a business selling Gymnastics oriented bows, leotards, and T-Shirts!

Wong has the goal of making the US Olympics Team, which will be tough this year. The level of competition for the team will be very high, with former champions Sunisa Lee, Gabby Douglas, and Simone Biles working to get on the team.  She is taking a different approach than most other college gymnastics by staying in college and competing with her college team.

It’s not just the number of things she does that is amazing but the depth and quality of her work.  Selling over 10,000 bows, Wong has made enough money from her business and sponsorships to buy a house and a Tesla. In the ESPN article, her mother says that she wants to buy another house that is close to campus to rent out to generate income. On top of that, she has even co-written a book with her mother called My Journey:  Trust the Process.

Wong is looking to compete at the US Classic Event in May, where she can qualify for the US Gymnastics championship to determine who gets to present the US for the Paris Olympics. We will be following to see how this amazing young woman’s story develops.

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