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Jeff lives in Silicon Valley, and attempts to juggle marriage, fatherhood, computer systems research, running, and writing.

When Asian Americans are “too American”: Filipino Americans in the 1930’s

A recent poll suggests that many Americans think that Asian Americans are more loyal to their country of origins than to the United States.  In contrast, a blog post from the JSTOR Daily describes a time when Asian Americans immigrants … Continue reading

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The Outsized Economic Contributions of Asian Americans according to Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs recently released a report on the outsized economic contributions of Asian Americans.  Highlights include Asian Americans creating 19% of high impact patents between 2003 and 2019, and driving 23% of US economic growth during that period despite being … Continue reading

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Jo Koy’s Movie “Easter Sunday” opening August 5, 2022

The trailer for comedian Jo Koy’s movie Easter Sunday has just come out, and I found it hilarious.  He hits on many many things Filipino American and even puts the plot in Daly City! I have seen comments about this … Continue reading

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The Linda Lindas Tiny Desk Concert

Although today started out as a rainy, dreary Monday morning, this short 15 minute concert by the Linda Lindas, brought to you by NPR’s Tiny Desk program, really brightened my day.  I love their energy and musicality.  They all play … Continue reading

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A California Roadtrip through Asian American Women’s History

March is Women’s History Month, and a description of a roadtrip through California that covers important places of Asian American Women’s history caught my attention.  Even though I have lived in California for most of my life, I had only … Continue reading

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“Turning Red” has some People Turning Red (Minor Spoilers)

When I saw Turning Red on the day of it’s premiere, there are were a few aspects of it that I didn’t like, but I didn’t expect that the movie would generate much controversy.   It would seem to be generally … Continue reading

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Turning Red: US Limited Theatre Release

While we relayed the news that the Pixar Movie Turning Red will only be released in on Disney’s Disney+ streaming platform on March 11, it turns out that Turning Red will have a very limited one week theatrical release.  One … Continue reading

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Year of the Tiger Running Art

Even though we are well into the Lunar New Year, I would like to share this story about an amazing Strava Running Art above celebrating the year of the Tiger, I first thought that the most amazing thing was that … Continue reading

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The University of Utah honors Wat Misaka, first person of Color in the NBA

Long before Linsanity or even before any African Americans would play in what would become the NBA, Wataru “Wat” Misaka became the first person of color to play professional basketball in the Basketball Association of America, playing three games for … Continue reading

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Apple’s 2022 Chinese New Year Short: The Comeback

Every year, Apple releases a short film for Chinese New Year that is shot on an iPhone. This short for this 2022, called The Comeback, is very “meta,” and I liked it a lot.  The film was created by Chinese … Continue reading

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8mm Film Review: Try Harder

Before Try Harder came out in theatres, Number Two Son mentioned to me that he had a friend who worked on the marketing of the film, and so we decided to watch it together while he was home on winter … Continue reading

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Asian American Segregation and Income Inequality in the San Francisco Bay Area

The Othering and Belonging Institute recently issued an update to their report on segregation in the San Francisco Bay Area using 2020 census data, and the section on the most segregated Asian American neighborhoods caught my eye.  Some of the … Continue reading

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