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Jeff lives in Silicon Valley, and attempts to juggle marriage, fatherhood, computer systems research, running, and writing.

8Books Review: The Golden Screen: The Movies that Made Asian America

The many awards won by the Everything Everywhere all at Once, including Golden Globes and five Academy Awards, are a triumph of filmmaking and also a triumph for Asian American representation. The road to reach this milestone was not a … Continue reading

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Pinoytown Rising: San Jose Public Library Exhibit through November 30

When Number Two Son and I were getting coffee in a cafe in San Jose Japantown, we noticed a small flyer on their community bulletin board that talked about Pinoytown Rising, an exhibit in San Jose’s Martin Luther King Library … Continue reading

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Asian American Medical Hazard: Lung Cancers for Female Asian Non-Smokers (FANS)

When a family fried recently was diagnosed with lung cancer, we were all puzzled because she and her husband did not smoke. She wasn’t the first Asian American we knew that happened to, and according to this article, it’s a … Continue reading

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Asian Americans in Pop Music History: Norma Tanega

Most people have probably only encountered the work of Norma Tanega through her song “You’re Dead” which is used as the theme song for both the movie of “What we Do in the Shadows” and the ongoing TV series of … Continue reading

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Asian American Medical Hazard: PFAS “Forever Chemical” Levels

A recent paper concludes that Asian Americans have higher levels of PFAS relative to other groups in the US population.  PFAS, short for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are known as “forever chemicals” because they break down very slowly in the … Continue reading

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Asian American Books that have been Banned in the Past Few Years

Asian America for Advancing Justice (AAJC) has published a list of Asian American books that have been banned over the past few years. Some are children books that I found hard to find any real problem, such as Grace Lin‘s … Continue reading

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Asian American Commercial Watch: Getting Help is Simple

If you subscribe to the ad-supported Hulu streaming service like I do, you will sometimes see ads for, which sells products and services dealing with issues affecting men, such as hair loss, mental health, and erectile dysfunction. When I … Continue reading

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“$110 Million” CEO Kiwi Camara leaves his Company CS Disco

Filipino American Kiwi Camara made the news earlier this summer for being one of 10 US CEOs receiving a pay package valued at than $110 million in 2022. The latest news is that he has suddenly left his company CS … Continue reading

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Asian Americans Malls Thriving Despite General Shopping Mall Decline

There are have been a number of stories about the decline in US shopping malls, but Asian malls seem to be defying that trend.  After reading that story and thinking about the malls and shopping areas here in Silicon Valley where … Continue reading

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Steely Dan’s “Do it Again” performed on the Korean Gayageum

“Asian American” implies a fusion between Asian and American, and this performance by Luna Lee of the Steely Dan classic Do it Again, is definitely a cross-cultural fusion. She plays the song on the Korean gayageum.  I am reminded of … Continue reading

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Ashley Park’s Showstopping Duet with Meryl Streep in Only Murders in the Building

The Wife, my Brother-in-law (BIL), and I were watching Only Murders in the Building when we  were blown away the showstopper duet of Meryl Streep and Ashley Park. Having never seen Emily in Paris and having not known about her … Continue reading

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28% Asian American Admissions Disadvantage to Selective Colleges

While Harvard is being sued by for its legacy admissions policy, a new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) shows that Asian applicants to a set of highly selective colleges have a 28% disadvantage compared to white … Continue reading

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