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Apple’s 2022 Chinese New Year Short: The Comeback

Every year, Apple releases a short film for Chinese New Year that is shot on an iPhone. This short for this 2022, called The Comeback, is very “meta,” and I liked it a lot.  The film was created by Chinese … Continue reading

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ToyToyota’s Backseat Driver Allows Just That

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mjudtrwdS4 This Backseat Driver app from ToyToyota is awesome. It’s an iPhone app that allows kids to drive on a virtual road in their virtual cars where the lanes are created by the car’s GPS. It’s easier just to watch … Continue reading

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Sausage + iPhone = 4 Eva

Winter is hard! There are blizzards storming across the East coast and it rained really hard for a day here in Los Angeles. Temperatures have been dropping below freezing (which is like 50 degrees, according to So Cal standards) but … Continue reading

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