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American American Obesity Rates Vary Widely between Asian Subgroups

As it is now the holiday season, it is important for people to consider what and how much they are eating.  While Asian American obesity rates are lower than the American average, a recently published study summarized here shows that … Continue reading

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Health, Appearances, and Asian Americans

   The incident where Maria Kang was briefly kicked off of Facebook,  recent news about the “lower” rate of obesity among Asian Americans, and the debate on CNN above combine to bring up a subject that isn’t often discussed: … Continue reading

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Asian Waistlines and Heart Disease

While waist size is an indicator for potential hypertension (high blood pressure) and heart disease, the standards for Asians is stricter stricter than for non-Asians.    This is similar to the situation with Asians and Body Mass Index (BMI), where standards … Continue reading

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Asian BMI: How I Became Obese in Ten Seconds

I knew my blood pressure was a problem, but I never took my Body Mass Index (BMI), a measure of body fat, very seriously.  I showed my reading, which indicated that I was overweight, to my doctor. “You can’t use … Continue reading

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