“White Vengeance” Movie Review

White Vengeance” was directed by Hong Kong director and screenwriter Daniel Lee. The story is set after the fall of the Qin Dynasty around 200 BC, and two sworn brothers fight together and then against each other for rule over China. Of course, they are in love with the same woman, played by Yifei Liu from Jackie Chan and Jet Li’s first collaborative movie, The Forbidden Kingdom.

I picked this film out of my Netflix stream because I’m in the midst of writing book two of my teenage kung fu romance wuxia story, The Legend of Phoenix Mountain (aptly named The Return to Phoenix Mountain, hold the applause). I wanted some warring states action going on since I’m planning for some epic battles in my book, and this movie basically delivered exactly what I was looking for. It starts off kind of slow, somewhat like a Tolkien novel where it seems like a dense genealogical history lesson, but once you zero in on who the main characters are, everything comes together quite nicely, and you simply get immersed in the complexity of the multiple layers of conflict drowning all the characters. Recommended for audiences who enjoy Chinese history, war strategy movies, and lots of epic bloody battles. There is one part that will have you cradling your hand in tears. You have been warned.

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Tinabot is a writer, teacher, and ninja. She and her students write and publish their work. Her debut teen kung fu romance novel The Legend of Phoenix Mountain is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
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