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Cultural Blackmail: The Hipsterization of Asian America

Very few things can get me to pop in while I’m still vagabonding and give even an inkling of attention for something in another universe. Unfortunately for you all, the recent article about being “hip” to be Asian-American, which coincides … Continue reading

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NTSB Intern Who Confirmed Fake Racist Asiana Airlines Pilot Names Sacked ; KTVU Being Sued by Asiana

According to both NBC News and CNN (and many other media outlets), the NTSB intern who confirmed the fake racist Asiana Airlines pilot names to KTVU is no longer an intern at the NTSB. As I had blogged earlier, KTVU … Continue reading

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Video Showing Asian Women As Victims Of Sexual Violence By White Men Goes Viral

A video went viral in South Korea showing two western men harassing, insulting, and threatening a local woman. The video is only 78 seconds long, and it’s definitely one of the most disgusting, gruesome and horrified vidoes that I have … Continue reading

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Asian American Urban Dance: Breaking Stereotypes, Entering American Mainstream Thought

Nothing says mainstream like a show on the Las Vegas strip, and the Jabbawockeez’s new show Prism that my family and I recently saw in Luxor is one sign that Asian Americans as hip-hop dancing has hit the mainstream.  This … Continue reading

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Fung Brothers: Asians Eat Weird Things, with AJ Rafael

Did you get made fun of for eating weird things as a kid?

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KTVU Makes Full Apology for On Air Racist Joke in Evening Broadcast Obviously, with the racist joke amazingly aired without their recognition at noon on Friday, KTVU has been doing some massive damage control. The video broadcast clip has been going viral not only in the San Francisco Bay Area, but … Continue reading

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NTSB States Erroneous (Racist) Crew Names Was Confirmed by Summer Intern

In the category of “summer interns who will not receive a job offer,” we have the one at the NTSB… the one who erroneously confirmed the racist pilot names to KTVU. Here’s the NTSB Press Release: National Transportation Safety Board … Continue reading

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Racist Joke: Asiana Airlines 214 Pilot Names Reported On-Air by SF Bay Area Local TV News KTVU

The crash of Asiana Airlines flight #214 last Saturday is no laughing matter. But someone else at the San Francisco Bay Area local television news broadcast KTVU thought otherwise – erroneously reporting that these four were the pilots: Sum Ting … Continue reading

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Anime Review: Okami-san and Her Seven Companions

What caught my attention first about this anime was the kitty boxing gloves. Immediately, I was like “I must have a pair of kitty boxing gloves like so!” They are too awesome. And they “meowed” when Okami, the main heroine, … Continue reading

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Rinko Kikuchi Talks ‘Pacific Rim’, Working in the Kaiju Genre, and Beating Up Charlie Hunnam

Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi successfully crossed over into the American market with The Brothers Bloom and even snagged an Academy Award nomination for her role in Babel. Things hit a little closer to home with her character in the Kaiju-centric … Continue reading

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Product Review: Blackberry Q10 with Verizon Wireless + V3con 2013 Wrap Up

If 8Asian’s offer of free tickets to V3con didn’t alert you to the fact that this wonderful Asian American Digital Media Conference happened over the June 14th, 2013 weekend in Los Angeles, well then let me tell you a little … Continue reading

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Giveaway: ‘Pacific Rim’ Prize Package

UPDATE 7/15/2013: Congrats to the winner: David I of Washington DC! We’re in the midst of the summer blockbuster season and one of the most highly anticipated films stars Oscar® nominee Rinko Kikuchi in Guillermo Del Toro’s sci-fi action adventure, … Continue reading

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