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8Questions: Dr. Sophia Yen of PandiaHealth.com, a new online birth control prescription service

I’ve blogged about my friend Dr. Sophia Yen in the past. She’s probably the most politically active person I know (and her brother served in Iraq and her mother Sandy Yen was in the Taiwan legislature.) But by day, she’s not only … Continue reading

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How to NOT Objectify Asian Women

Recently, Kristina Wong was featured in New York Times in a video series called “Off Color”, and I visited her artist website and also discovered her satire dating site about the objectification of Asian women, BigBadChineseMama.com, where she and volunteers … Continue reading

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Video Showing Asian Women As Victims Of Sexual Violence By White Men Goes Viral

A video went viral in South Korea showing two western men harassing, insulting, and threatening a local woman. The video is only 78 seconds long, and it’s definitely one of the most disgusting, gruesome and horrified vidoes that I have … Continue reading

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How Do You Draw Asian Women?

Here’s a list of the reasons why this video is so wrong: There is no one way to draw an Asian woman. Upturned eyes? Small nose? Beautiful, big and full lips? Really? According to eHow, people were genuinely asking how … Continue reading

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“Do something Asian plz”

This week, Yahoo launched a beta service called Y! Live, a site that lets anyone with a webcam create their own live web video channel. On a lark, I decided to try it. I mean, what harm could it be, … Continue reading

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