How Do You Draw Asian Women?

Here’s a list of the reasons why this video is so wrong:

  1. There is no one way to draw an Asian woman.
  2. Upturned eyes? Small nose? Beautiful, big and full lips? Really?
  3. According to eHow, people were genuinely asking how to draw Asian women.
  4. She’s not even wearing a kimono.
  5. I’m kidding about that last one.
  6. This guy is a horrible teacher. He doesn’t even describe what he’s doing or why. There’s a small glimmer of hope in me that perhaps he doesn’t explain what he’s drawing because he’s realizing how racist it can sound. Instead of “slanty eyes”, he just calls them “beautiful”.
  7. This guy is even worse at drawing. If that’s what he thinks Asian women look like, then he’s never met one of us before.
  8. Unless that was his point: there really is no way to teach someone how to draw Asian women.
  9. Then why did he agree to do this video?
  10. Now I’m confused.

(Via: TheAwl)

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