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Taiwanese Company EVA Airlines Brings Back Hello Kitty Jets

So maybe you already have your collection of Hello Kitty dolls, note paper, mugs, plates and sandwich maker, but have you been on a Hello Kitty jet? Perhaps some of you got a chance to ride on one of these crazy cute, … Continue reading

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Mysterious White Structures Found In China’s Gobi Desert

China’s been up to something and everyone wants to know what it’s about: “New photos have appeared in Google Maps showing unidentified titanic structures in the middle of the Chinese desert…It’s located in Dunhuang, Jiuquan, Gansu, north of the Shule … Continue reading

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Japan’s Latest Crooked Teeth Trend, According To New York Times

Oh, New York Times. Where would we be without your hard hitting and insightful reporting on Asian culture? According to this article from a couple weeks back, crooked teeth, or yaeba, is the hot new trend among women in Japan. … Continue reading

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J-Pop Group AKB48’s Newest Promotion: “Make a Baby With Me” for $19 a Month

Oh, the things that people will do for 48-member J-Pop group AKB48. From the Japan Times: “Hardcore fans who cough up ¥1,480 ($19) a month will be able to use the AKBaby app that allows them to see what kind of … Continue reading

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DUDE WTF ASIA: Filipino Man Gets Plastic Surgery To Look Like Superman

File this under “new to me” as well as “dude is Asian so we’re totally allowed to blog about this:” A man in the Philippines is reported to have multiple cosmetic surgeries to look like Superman. Note that if you’re … Continue reading

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DUDE WTF ASIA: Japanese Company Creates Super Realistic 3D Human Faces

What is up with Japanese people and their fascination of making face replicas of themselves? Back in August, we found out that LaughingSquid, a Japanese CloneFactory can make 20” dolls that look exactly like you. Now, there is a Japanese … Continue reading

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8Asians’ The A-Word: Eps #7 – Gil Asakawa and China’s Breast-Touching Festival

For the month of October, we tackle ghosts of the past, namely the issues and topics that keep popping up over the last five years or so since 8Asians launched. In this episode we trap Gil Asakawa into the podcast … Continue reading

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Dole Japan Launches Search For Dole Dance Ambassador For Banana Commercial

Dole Japan is setting up to find their “Smile♪ Dole Dance Ambassador” who will make $11k per hour for singing and dancing with SMAP singer Shingo Katori in a commercial. Not really my cup of tea, even for $11k an … Continue reading

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DUDE WTF ASIA: Japan Breaks World Record In Nut Smashes Apparently there’s a world record for anything, including the ability to smash the most number of nuts with your nuts.* Seeing as how this is totally ridiculous, I wasn’t surprised to see this feat accomplished by the Japanese. That … Continue reading

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DUDE WTF ASIA: Thai Beautician Slaps The Pretty Into Her Clients Per Gizmodo, women in Thailand can skip the plastic surgery and instead, get the breast size and liposuction that they’ve always dreamed of by getting the crap beaten out of them. Some say that beauty is pain but I … Continue reading

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