DUDE WTF ASIA: Japanese Company Creates Super Realistic 3D Human Faces

What is up with Japanese people and their fascination of making face replicas of themselves? Back in August, we found out that LaughingSquid, a Japanese CloneFactory can make 20” dolls that look exactly like you. Now, there is a Japanese Company called Real-f that makes 3D human face masks or 3D human face heads. The technology they use can even get down to the individual pores on your face.

For a whopping price of 3,920USD, buyers can get the 3D face mask. If you want more masks of yourself, you just have to pay an additional cost 780USD each! But wait, if the mask isn’t creepy enough for you, you can even get a replica of your loved one’s head or yourself for just 5,875USD and additional copies for 1,960USD. Did you ever have people tell you, “Ew! Take off your mask, it isn’t Halloween yet!” Well, now you can turn the joke on them!

[Photo Credit: www.facebook.com/REAL.f.jp]

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