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The 8Asians Talk About: Eel Removed From Man’s Bladder In China

Our internal e-mail lists have us discussing all kinds of stuff: Asian American identity, representation in the media, the experiences of activism in an academia setting and its progression as we transition to the working, adult world. And sometimes, we … Continue reading

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Huge Freak-of-Nature Frog Found in Malaysia

From The Korea Times:  “A giant frog weighing a whopping 20kg has been discovered in Maylaysia. Showing an image of the gigantic creature taken with a cell phone camera, a Chinese man from Gemencheh claimed that the photo was taken a … Continue reading

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DUDE WTF ASIA: Japanese’s Calorie Burning Underwear

Before you watch this commercial for Japan’s “Calorie Shaper” underwear, make sure that you have two minutes of your life to wonder what the hell you just watched. And you might want to get the wastebasket ready when the 70’s … Continue reading

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DUDE WTF ASIA: Japanese Woman Accidentally Kills Self and Husband in Pitfall Trap

One young woman in Japan decided to play some sort of joke on her husband for his birthday and spent the better part of a day digging a 2.5m hole in the sand with a couple of the guy’s buddies. … Continue reading

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DUDE WTF ASIA: CloneFactory’s Creepy Dolls Look Just Like You!

Welcome to the Uncanny Valley, population you. From our good friends at LaughingSquid, Japanese company CloneFactory will make a 20″ tall doll that looks EXACTLY like you, for about $1750. So it’s still a doll, with the little arms and … Continue reading

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Next Media Animation Covers Congressman David Wu’s Resignation

You know the rule: if a major news story like Congressman David Wu resigning has the search terms Taiwan, Congressman, Sexual Assault and Tiger suit, you sure as hell know that Taiwan’s Next Media Animation will have it covered in … Continue reading

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DUDE WTF ASIA: Korean Skyscraper Evacuated Due to Tae Bo and Snap!’s The Power On July 5, the Korean Techno-mart skyscraper was evacuated because of mysterious tremors shaking the building.  Korean scientists have discovered the cause: middle aged exercisers doing Tae Bo to Snap!‘s 1990s Dance Hit, “The Power“.  Apparently the combination of doing … Continue reading

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DUDE WTF ASIA: Social Darwinist Chinese Dad

Yay. More WTF news from China gone viral. This time, it’s: “Tiger dad” cheers for kids’ brutal fight. A little girl beats the crap out of a little boy and not only does the girl’s father record the whole fight and post … Continue reading

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DUDE WTF ASIA: Japan’s Creepy Dental Training Robot

Feeling a little too refreshed from a good night’s rest? Looking to add a little nightmarish action to your sleep schedule? Need some extra motivation to floss at night? Then check out Japan’s “Showa Hanako 2,” a realistic dental training … Continue reading

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Filipino Declared World’s Shortest Man

On the same day he turned 18, Filipino Junrey Balawing was declared the world’s shortest man by the Guinness Book of World Records.  Balawing stands 59.93 centimeters or 23.5 inches high, about 2.5 inches shorter than the previous record holder,  … Continue reading

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DUDE WTF ASIA: Chinese Boy Sells Kidney For iPad 2

I’m sure you’ve already heard the latest WTF story to come out of Asia, where a 17 year old boy in China reportedly sold his kidney for money to buy an iPad 2, and (unsurprisingly) regrets the decision completely. A … Continue reading

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DUDE WTF ASIA: China Forcing Prisoners in Virtual Gold Farming

Having been a game reviewer for ages who hasn’t found a genre of video games that I didn’t like, I’m not surprised when I read that China had gold farming prisons. I actually have participated in gold farming in games … Continue reading

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