DUDE WTF ASIA: Korean Skyscraper Evacuated Due to Tae Bo and Snap!’s The Power


On July 5, the Korean Techno-mart skyscraper was evacuated because of mysterious tremors shaking the buildingKorean scientists have discovered the cause: middle aged exercisers doing Tae Bo to Snap!‘s 1990s Dance Hit, “The Power“.  Apparently the combination of doing Tae Bo to the rhythm of the song was at a resonance frequency that triggers the building wide shaking.   A famous case of resonance destroying a structure involved the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, which ripped itself apart when strong winds set up a resonance.  During an inspection of the building, Korean scientists recreated the exercise and the building vibrations.

The reported cause and effect do not surprise me at all.  Middle aged people are often getting kind of heavy, and although life can be getting kind of hectic, they can exercise to show that they still got the power.  Besides, The Power always gets this middle aged guy up and shaking.

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