Huge Freak-of-Nature Frog Found in Malaysia

From The Korea Times:  “A giant frog weighing a whopping 20kg has been discovered in Maylaysia. Showing an image of the gigantic creature taken with a cell phone camera, a Chinese man from Gemencheh claimed that the photo was taken a fortnight ago at a mountainous area in Gemencheh, the Sinchew Daily in Malaysia reported last week. The frog was huge in size and tipped the scale at about 20kg, the normal weight of a seven or eight year-old kid, the report said. According to him, the enormous animal was captured by an Orang Asli by the riverside. His friend was startled upon seeing the creature because previously, he had never seen a frog with that size in his entire life, the English daily said.” Ew. I almost threw up. I’m all for animal rights, but God help us, someone put that frog on a diet. I’m pretty sure I would have a heart attack if I saw that thing on a hike.

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