DUDE WTF ASIA: Japan’s Creepy Dental Training Robot

Feeling a little too refreshed from a good night’s rest? Looking to add a little nightmarish action to your sleep schedule? Need some extra motivation to floss at night? Then check out Japan’s “Showa Hanako 2,” a realistic dental training robot made from the same synthetic material as those lifelike Japanese sex dolls. Don’t get the wrong idea, though. This robot allows students to refine their techniques of drilling sharp objects into teeth before moving onto human patients (as opposed to allowing lonely people to refine their techniques of…nevermind). This revolutionary robot also lets people like me who absolutely hate anything dentist or teeth related to lie awake at night, haunted by the creepy, vacant stares of Hanako faces with wobbly, slack-jawed smiles. Seriously, if one ever crawls out of a well a la Ringu, I will  refuse to sleep without the lights on for the next five years.

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