DUDE WTF ASIA: Japanese’s Calorie Burning Underwear


Before you watch this commercial for Japan’s “Calorie Shaper” underwear, make sure that you have two minutes of your life to wonder what the hell you just watched. And you might want to get the wastebasket ready when the 70’s era music hits your eardrums. The idea of “functional underwear” is actually pretty interesting, albeit something that I would probably never spend on forty dollars on (2,940 yen is about $38USD).

Basically, the Calorie Shapers are a printed resin that supposedly makes your muscles work more due to the stress in the elasticity. I think the best way to describe it, is if you starch pressed some skinny jeans, and tried to break them in would have a similar effect.

Most amusingly, there is another great feature about this underwear:

Bonus fact—another attribute of the magic underwear is its ability to “absorb the body odor of middle-aged and elderly men,” something Goldwin says it might dial down when advertising to women.

Ever heard of showers? Okay, you can now click start, and proceed to throw up into that wastebasket from the marketing music.

1/6/2013 EDITOR’S NOTE: Video formerly at http://youtu.be/AlTGoO9jLSY has been removed. –Joz

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