DUDE WTF ASIA: Thai Beautician Slaps The Pretty Into Her Clients


Per Gizmodo, women in Thailand can skip the plastic surgery and instead, get the breast size and liposuction that they’ve always dreamed of by getting the crap beaten out of them. Some say that beauty is pain but I never imagined this would be translated literally.

As this video shows, Khemmikka Na Songkhla in Bangkok (who clearly loves the late Amy Winehouse cat eye look) can increase the bust size of her clients simply by slapping and punching their boobs.

If clients want breast-slapping treatment, we have to see their breasts and measure their size first. If your breasts are 30 inches, for example, we will record that with your signature. After treatment, your breasts will be enlarged to 32 inches. We will record it and you have to sign again.

One of her students also shows a photograph showing how Songkhla’s techniques have actually changed the shape of her face. Um, yeah. I call Photoshop shenanigans. (My favorite part is at the 0:20 mark of the video where Songkhla is hitting a client’s face to the beat of the music. Now that’s what I call skill.) And how much of this “enlargement” is really just your body swelling from being hit repeatedly? Does this also include bruises?

If this beauty regime ever came to the US, I’d sign up for training courses immediately. Then I’d have the excuse to legally hit ugly people for their benefit. As opposed to illegally, which is what I do right now.

And yes, this means I hit myself every time I look in the mirror. *sad trombone*

In all seriousness, can we just celebrate that for once, the WTF isn’t coming from Japan? Thanks, Thailand, for making my people look a little less crazy!

[H/T Timmy]

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