J-Pop Group AKB48’s Newest Promotion: “Make a Baby With Me” for $19 a Month

Oh, the things that people will do for 48-member J-Pop group AKB48. From the Japan Times: “Hardcore fans who cough up ¥1,480 ($19) a month will be able to use the AKBaby app that allows them to see what kind of baby they might have in the extremely unlikely event that they got to impregnate their favorite pop idol.” AKB48’s members, by the way, have members as young as 15 years old.

From 8Asians Reader PeterLo: “I absolutely hate this group for the way it objectifies the girls. I feel like this allows otakus to further develop an unhealthy virtual reality with their already unreal idols. If you’re wondering why AKB48’s Yuko Oshima’s bewbs are a bit low and round for the breast-feeding photo, it’s because they’re photoshopped (duh, i guess).”

While the app itself is one of those merge two faces into one applications that you can download on the iPhone or throw down five dollars at a Dave and Busters on, does it really need to be marketed with a suckling 23 year old with the caption “Make a baby with me?” REALLY, JAPAN OTAKUS? REALLY? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Can’t you just stick to a bad interviews in English?

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Glad you brought this up, Ernie. 8Asians is excited to announce our new online venture. No, not an official YouTube channel but a new app called “Make A Baby With Ernie” available in your iTunes store for only $99.]

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