NBC’s Rock Center on China & Birth Tourism

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We had blogged about Chinese anchor babies and maternity tourism earlier this March. This past Monday, on NBC’s premiere of their new 1-hour long news program, Rock Center, did a nine minute segment exploring this phenomenon.

I’m pretty sure that the authors of the Fourteenth Amendment didn’t exactly think of such issues back in 1868. Hell, the automobile wasn’t even invented let alone the airplane. I think maternity tourism definitely is not in the spirit of the Fourteenth Amendment.

However, I don’t think this is a large problem as far as Chinese tourists, since it is pretty difficult for the Chinese to get any kind of visa to the United States and there is a huge backlog and is very costly (up to I think $30,000 by the service providers per mother). Still, I wonder how the pregnant women get visas in the first place; I guess they apply and interview in person before they are visibly pregnant, go on vacation a few months before they are due and stay in the U.S. until they give birth to their child.

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