Do I Look Cooler When I Post Photos Of Me With White People?

There’s this gal from mainland China (hereinafter “Asian Girl”) who speaks English about as fluently as I speak Tillamook. She’s always been uber chinky, and don’t even open that mouth of yours into a big O like you have no idea what that means. Anyway. I have a feeling she thinks she’s cooler when she posts photos of herself with white people on all her social networking accounts. It’s not even like she’s BFFs with these people.

That got me wondering about myself. Oh man, my hubby’s Asian and most of my friends are Asian, and by all intents and purposes, I am definitely “so Asian.” Does that mean I am less cool than her? Would I look cooler if I posted more photos of me with white people?

It disturbs me how strategic some Asians are about their profiles, their image, and their near-paranoid concern with what people think. Not that any of these points are exclusive to Asian people or even that they’re irrelevant. Sure, they’re very relevant and it’s perfectly appropriate to care, but not so much when it’s deliberately race-conscious. Like, omigod, let me make sure my photo album conveys how ethnically diverse my circle of friends is.

[Interruption of Post for Side Note: We could have posted a string of pics from the web and from our friends’ (and non-friends’) Facebook profiles that demonstrate this point. And you know well we could have. You might also be able to guess why we decided not to.]

Ah well. Too bad. Wish I had more photos of me and white people on my social networking profiles, because then I could have turned this into a “How To Be A Bad Asian” post: fraternizing with my colonizer and posting on Facebook about it.

Alas, the coolest I get is this:

Everybody looks cooler when they post photos of themselves with Ernie!

See what I mean?

I mean, don’t those two women behind him suddenly look cooler?

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