Singapore Insists On Making Bad Music Video To Make Up For Low Birth Rates

Singapore has had some “unique” music videos over the years, but this new one spotted on YouTube in light of Singapore’s national day on 9 August seeks to address some serious social issues: extremely low birth rates.

Not known for its subtlety, this music video, made by the Social Development Network and sponsored by Mentos(!), includes memorable lyrics such as this:

It’s national night and I want a baby, boo
I know you want it, so does the SDU
I ain’t merlion baby, this is national duty
Let me SMS the details of our late night dooty… call […]
Singapore’s population, it needs some increasing
So forget waving flags, August 9th we be freaking

Personally, I wouldn’t need to be told to go out and hump someone because a music video told me to, and I definitely wouldn’t be telling someone to put her face in the pillow and ass in the air to this song.

There is another government-sponsored video that even Singaporean comedian Mr. Brown admits he couldn’t top with its unintentionally funny lyrics and message, and if the new song for humping is any indicator, there might be more rubbish of a similar cacophony out there. If you ever feel like drowning out all the fun of a party tuned in to Far East Movement or Aziatix, check out this older video by Singapore’s Media Development Authority.

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