Increased Attacks On Mosques After Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting

Whether this is a matter of sheer coincidence or a disturbing trend, there have been reports of increased attacks against mosques in the United States after the shooting at a Wisconsin Sikh temple. It is important to note that mosques are of Muslim delineation while the attack that took place on August 5th was conducted in a temple that is of Sikh delineation. Sikhs and Muslims are two completely different religions.

On August 6th, a mosque in Joplin, Missouri, was burned to the ground. On August 11th, shots were fired at a mosque in Chicago and on the same day in Ontario, CA, pig legs were thrown in the driveway of a home where Muslims gather to worship until a mosque is built there. On August 12th, vandals shot paintballs at an Oklahoma City mosque. And just on August 13th, an Islamic school was hit an acid-filled bottle in Lombard, Illinois. It is possible that there are more incidents of vandalism and violence conducted against people of Islamic or Sikh belief but this is what I know so far.

After five events, this does not seem to be coincidental affairs but rather a disturbing trend. I personally believe that with such numerous events, it seems to be clear that the tragedy in Wisconsin does not seem to be a deterrent factor for humanity to conduct some truly awful things to each other. One can only wonder if such acts were conducted on synagogues and if so, would the media pay more attention?

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Edward Hong is an actor and spoken poet. Passion to make a change in this world through the performing arts and activism defines his ongoing life and it is the struggle against all things unjust that gives him this passion to be one heck of a talkative, stubborn man. It, however, does not mean he strives to be a champion or role model of any community but to be the man who will be honest and say the things nobody will have the balls to say. He is the jester who is outspoken in what he believes in most passionately and therefore cannot be pinpointed that he will do what you expect him to do.
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