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  • “a word” [noun] – a short talk or conversation
  • “A-Word” [noun] – a unit of the English language, starting with the letter ‘A’

8Asians’ The A-Word — the official podcast of 8Asians.com — aims to be a fun conversation piece talking expertly about things we don’t know about, and having very serious debates about trivial things. (Man, I need to get rid of that photo.)

It is almost needless to say that we are a culture influenced by the media. No matter where we absorb it through TV or the Internet, it’s there, it becomes part of our language, our jokes, our memories. So what happens when decisions are made because of it?

In this episode of the A-Word, I embrace my inner fangirl and travel to Seoul, South Korea in an attempt to see my favorite kpop idol group AFTERSCHOOL perform. I chat with expats from the US (Danny Truong from Soompi.com), Greece (Jun Areia from AreiaCreations) and Canada (Simon and Martina from Eat Your Kimchi) to ponder “Could I live here?”

In our new Slice of P.I.E. segment, 8Asians’ contributor Edward Hong shares his thoughts on his small contribution towards changing stereotypes.

And in the Peanut Gallery, the 8Asians editors (Ernie Hsiung, Moye Ishimoto and Joz Wang (@ErnieAtLYD, @moye and @Jozjozjoz, respectively) chat about E3, then trap Ernie into a podcast and humiliate him for broadcasting his 12 year-old self online.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, let us know by either leaving a comment below or clicking on the MoodThingy.

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