Barack Obama’s Page

All political inclinations aside, I thought this was interesting: Barack Obama has a page on!

First, let me just get this out of my system. is still around? Huh. Jenn from reappropriate echoed my thoughts when she wrote:

Doesn’t anyone else remember way back when AsianAve was the meat-market for the tween APIA community? When it was all about girls and boys dolling up in their clubb-y best, frost-tipped hair and all, to pose all pouty-lipped for the camera, and then try to get into each others’ cyber-pants? Does no one else get a little twinge of je ne sais quoi at the idea of Obama jumping into that fray of overwrought adolescence?

It all kind of blows my mind.

Hahaha! It totally blows my mind too.

Now on a more serious note, all of the politicians are on MySpace now. It’s the new way to reach younger, more technically-inclined audiences. I think it’s pretty smart too, though the low barriers-to-entry mean hi-jinx can ensue, such as Rep. Ron Kind, D-Wis. voting to fund studies of “the sex lives of Vietnamese prostitutes.”

Aside from Obama, Hilary Clinton has also made inroads into the Asian American community. But she doesn’t have an page yet… c’mon Hilary, don’t you want to be a part of that tween APIA meat-market? Hehe.

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