8Asians Nominated For a 2009 ‘Weblog Awards’ Bloggie

Ninth Annual Weblog Awards: The 2009 Bloggies

First, the good news: 8Asians.com has been nominated for a 2009 Weblog Awards, more affectionately called The Bloggies! The Bloggies celebrate the best in weblogs through pomp and circumstance, if by “best” you mean “most publicized” and by “pomp and circumstance” you mean “are given a really nice sheet of stock paper.” All snarkiness aside, the Bloggies nominations are submitted by blog readers, and for Ernie and the rest of the 8Asians.com’s bloggers, we’re really grateful for the Best Group Weblog nomination.

Now, the bad news: also in the same category are three past and present Gawker Media powerhouses: Gawker, Wonkette and Jezebel. To give you an idea of how totally fucked we are, a quick glance at Gawker Media’s Wikipedia page says that there were 274 million pageviews across all properties; 8Asians’s Wikipedia page was deleted six days after it was created. Sad trombone.

That said, vote for us anyway for the 2009 Weblog Awards, because it’s a tight spot for the fourth place! EVERYONE, REPEAT AFTER US: WE’RE #4! WE’RE #4!

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